Below we have provided a detailed comparison of the two best background check service providers of 2017. Both of them are really good services and you want to use one of them if you want to run a background investigation of any kind.

3 Deficiencies to be aware of!

  1. Those with regional/local/small databases – always choose a service that has information of all US citizens from all 52 states. The bigger the database, the higher the chances of getting accurate results
  2. Those with outdated databases – these won’t have the latest information. For example, if a particular database was updated in 2012, you won’t find someone’s 2013 employment records.
  3. Those without a good reputation – the best online background check companies out there have been in business as much as 20 years, have won numerous awards, and are even BBB (Better Business Bureau) registered. In an era where identity theft is not uncommon, why take a chance with a lesser company?

Which Service do we recommend?

While we like to emphasize that both services reviewed on this page are exceptionally good, we recommend one of them over the other for reasons that we mention in detail below. There are dozens of background check companies. But on the table below, we present a detailed comparison of the top two services so that you don’t have to spend hours/days on the web searching for this information.

Comparison of the 2 Best Background Check Companies




Background Check Service

#1 Service

Service #2

Free Background Search Option

FREE preview with information such as age, names of relatives, work place etc. More comprehensive background search reports start at around $10.
(You cannot get comprehensive background reports for free; however, sometimes you will be surprised by how much detail you get with a free background search)

Background Check by Name



Background Check by SSN



Contents of background check report

  • Personal Records – name, alisases, relatives, date of birth etc.
  • Address History – previous and current
  • Business Profile – education details, employment history, job title, memberships and affiliations
  • Property History – ownership, value, neighbors, household income
  • Criminal Check Records -offenses, felonies, case numbers, filing dates, drug trafficking, tax evasions, security frauds, federal offenses etc.
  • Civil Judgment Records – tax liens, bankruptcies
  • Lawsuits
  • Associates
  • People Search Report
  • Marriage and Divorce Records
  • Death Records


Depending on the individual case, Background Search Service #1 or Service #2 may provide slightly more information than the other service. These differences were minimal in the known examples we tested.

Company Reputation

  • Founded in 1994
  • A Best Business Bureau registered company
  • They have been featured on the Wall Street Journal
  • They have been featured on CBS 60 minutes
  • Founded in 2003
  • Recognized in Inc. Magazine’s INC. 500
  • Selected as one of Washington’s Best Workplaces
  • Recognized as #9 out of 25 medium-sized companies for Puget Sound Business Journal’s 2010 Corporate Citizenship Awards
  • Awarded the Red Herring Top 100 Global Award in December 2011
  • Finalist for the Stevie Award for “Best New Product or Service” in 2008


This company clearly wins it with all the awards and recognition it had received. However, background search company A also has a very good reputation as you can see

Up-to-date or outdated?

Both sites provided up-to-date information on the known examples we tested.
Background Investigation Service #1 specifically mentions on their website that they “…partner with multiple data providers that have the most recent information that is continually updated monthly, weekly, even daily. Ready access to the most up-to-date data is the key”

Overall Top Rated Company

Company #1

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